WaterFX, the beginning

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WaterFX began as an experiment; we set out to test whether or not we could efficiently and cost effectively produce freshwater using a clean, sustainable source of energy. Working with a local water district in California’s central valley, our desire was simply to design a better, more effective way to recover freshwater and lessen the dependence on strained natural water resources.  California is the largest food producing state in the country and farming is vital to the economy, but we are drawing more and more water in an unsustainable way from a system that can no longer support the demand.  Conservation is essential for reducing water consumption, but to meaningfully grow our economy and protect our food supply we need more water.  If we are successful in demonstrating that sustainable water treatment, through processes like solar desalination, can be used to add affordable freshwater to our existing water resources, we can establish a path towards achieving water abundance.  But we cannot do it at the sacrifice our natural resources and in a way that accelerates climate change. It is for this reason we have embarked on our own crusade, called the hydro-revolution, to show that more can be done and to prove that secure water access is imminently achievable.

This change will not happen overnight, but if we start by recognizing the limitations of a finite supply and an ever-expanding need for fresh water, I am confident that our mission will be clear.  California is the center of gravity for innovation and by drawing on the local, creative energy of emerging water entrepreneurs we can direct our focus towards overcoming this challenge, to the betterment of generations of future water users.

– Aaron