Our mission at WaterFX is to expand the availability and reliability of freshwater generation.

WaterFX is an independent water producer, building sustainable solar desalination systems to provide affordable sources of distributed freshwater. We ensure the consistent delivery of water for agribusinesses and other commercial water users.

Many water-dependent businesses have historically had to rely on the delivery of water, but with WaterFX, freshwater can be produced on site using any treatable source. Incorporating the production of water into your business rather than relying on others to deliver your water, ensures reliable water access and the ability to accurately forecast your water needs.

Using WaterFX’s Concentrated Solar Still technology provides piece of mind, knowing that year in and year out you will have a dedicated and consistent supply of freshwater, regardless of seasonal conditions.

About the Founders

Aaron Mandell
Co-founder and Chairman

Aaron Mandell is an engineer, operator, and entrepreneur. He has co-founded several emerging energy companies, including WaterFX, Oasys, Altarock, Coskata and GreatPoint. Through his leadership, this portfolio of companies is advancing new products in fields such as solar water treatment, desalination, enhanced geothermal energy, coal gasification and alternative chemicals.

Prior to WaterFX, he served as co-founder and CEO of Oasys Water where he led the company from laboratory prototype to implementation of the company’s produced water treatment system.

Aaron has deep roots in the energy and water industries and a technical background in groundwater hydrology. He conducted his graduate research on numerical modeling of groundwater systems under a fellowship at the University of Vermont and holds a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the University of Vermont.

Dr. Matthew Stuber
Co-founder and Director of Process Systems Engineering

Matthew is the principal investigator at WaterFX leading the process systems engineering efforts, including the Aqua4 process technology design, experimentation, and continuous improvement efforts. Matthew holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and a PhD in chemical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

His area of expertise is in process systems engineering focusing on mathematical optimization for robust design under uncertainty, reliability and safety, process development, and process improvement with specific interest in energy and resources applications. Matthew has developed numerous numerical algorithms and mathematical tools to address some of the most difficult problems in engineering, operations research, and finance.

Matthew is published in both application and theory peer-reviewed journals and has contributed his work to numerous national and international academic conferences.