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Breakthrough Water Apocalypse

National Geographic Channel| December 13, 2015


Family Water Alliance| November 12, 2015

Solar-powered desalination could be part of solution to drought

KGET| November 4, 2015

Solar desalination firm begins search for investors

Fresno Bee| October 31, 2015

Can Solar-Powered Desalination Aid California?

ASCE| October 27, 2015

America’s largest solar desalination project seeks $10m crowdfunding

Edie| October 14, 2015

California Is Building The Country’s Largest Solar Desalination Plant

Fast Company| October 6, 2015

US solar crowdfunding latches onto DPO option

Solar Plaza| October 5, 2015

Solar Desalination Is a Cost-Effective and Environment Friendly Method of Turning Saltwater Into Potable Freshwater For Drinking and Agriculture Purposes

Korea Portal| September 28, 2015

Westlands Water District’s drainage cleanup time may have come

The Fresno Bee| September 26, 2015

Can Solar Desalination Slake the World’s Thirst?

Scientific American| September 21, 2015

Giant solar desalination project plans US$ 10 million public offering

The International Desalination & Water Reuse Quarterly | September 14, 2015

California’s First Commercial Solar Desalination Plant Offering Shares Through DPO

CleanTechnica | September 11, 2015

HydroRevolution Announces A Direct Public Offering To Construct California’s First Solar Desalination Plant

EQ International| September 9, 2015

Direct Public Offering announced for CA’s first solar desalination plant

WaterWorld| September 8, 2015

HydroRevolution To Construct California’s First Solar Thermal Desalination Plant

Renewable Energy News | September 8, 2015

Solar Meets Desalination

PowerToday| August 19, 2015

Solar Desalination to Ramp up in California

EarthTechling| August 18, 2015

Nevada County man helps develop solar technology to combat water shortage

The Union| August 8, 2015

HydroRevolution to revolutionize California water use with solar power

Just Good News| August 7, 2015

Which water technology will save California from its long, dry death?

Boing Boing| August 6, 2015

Unique System Could Bring Millions of Gallons of Fresh Water to Valley Farmers

Your Central Valley| August 4, 2015

Can We Engineer Ourselves Out of the California Drought?

Curbed| July 28, 2015

Sun could hold key to solving California’s water problems

Yahoo News| July 24, 2015

Have You Heard Of Solar Desalination? If Not, You Will Soon

Climate Progress| July 23, 2015

First solar desalination plant to be built in California

Sun & Wind Energy| July 21, 2015

Buzz Gets Bigger Over Tiny California Solar Desalination Plant

Clean Technica| July 20, 2015

Solar Desalination Could be a Game Changer for California Farms

National Geographic| July 20, 2015

Healdsburg man uses heat to make clean water

The Press Democrat| July 19, 2015

California’s first solar-powered desalination plant to be built in Central Valley

Renewable Energy Magazine| July 17, 2015

HydroRevolution to Build California’s First Commercial Solar Desalination Plant

EnergyTrend| July 16, 2015

California’s first commercial concentrating solar thermal desalination plant to bring freshwater to the Central Valley

Solar Server| July 16, 2015

Could this solar technology bring water abundance to thirsty California?

Treehugger| July 15, 2015

$30 million plant would use the sun to recycle tainted irrigation water

The Fresno Bee| July 15, 2015

Pilot project turns drain water into fresh

AgAlert| June 24, 2015

Solar Thermal Desalination Now Underway in Water-hungry California

Renewable Energy World| June 23, 2015

Who needs an ocean? San Joaquin Valley projects give new life to salty water

The Fresno Bee| June 6, 2015

Engineers Take on Drought in California

EngineerJobs | June 2, 2015

Advances in Desalination Technology

Valve Magazine | May 18, 2015

Can Sun and Wind Make More Salt Water Drinkable?

National Geographic | February 2, 2015

Behind the scenes: Thirsty California

Al Jazeera America | December 8, 2014

Looking to the sun for potable water in a drought

msnbc | October 10, 2014

Food Forward: Quest for Water

PBS | August 21, 2014

Sunlight: The Solution to California’s Drought?

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs | May 27, 2014

Desalination Could Be the Solution to California’s Drought

takepart | May 18, 2014

Desalination can Help Solve our Water Woes, but not without Clean Energy

Environmental Defense Fund | May 12, 2014

Another aquifer? Just what we need … oh, wait

The Bakersfield Californian | May 10, 2014

Drought Tech: How Solar Desalination Could Help Parched Farms

KQED | May 9, 2014

Want To Become A Billionaire? Just Solve One Of These 10 Problems

Business Insider | April 22, 2014

Desalination is Now a Billion Dollar Industry, Report Shows

TriplePundit | March 31, 2014

Ocean’s Dilemma

TIME Magazine (Printed & online for subscribers) | March 24, 2014

The Solar Technology That Could Solve California’s Water Problem

EcoWatch | March 20, 2014

How to fix the 10 worst wastes of water

GreenBiz | March 19, 2014

California drought: Solar desalination plant shows promise

The San Francisco Chronicle | March 18, 2014

An Unconventional Desalination Technology Could Solve California’s Water Shortage

Business Insider | March 12, 2014

Innovators tap the value of wastewater

GreenBiz | March 5, 2014

Californian Innovation Tackles Salinity with Solar Desalination

The Huffington Post | February 28, 2014

Where CSP beats fossil energy: agricultural desalination

CSP today | February 28, 2014

Drought leaves California farmers choosing which crops get water and which wither

Fox News | February 26, 2014

Solar technology used to clean water for crops

ABC | February 21, 2014

Tiny Solar Thermal Power Plant Solves Gigantic Salt Problem

CleanTechnica | February 18, 2014

Solar Power Takes on California Water Challenge

EarthTechling | February 18, 2014

Solar Desalination Gives California Water District More Freshwater

Triple Pundit | February 18, 2014

Water-Cleaning Technology Could Help Farmers

The New York Times | February 17, 2014

California’s Farmers Need Water. Is Desalination the Answer?

TIME Magazine | February 14, 2014

Can This Solar Desalination Startup Solve California Water Woes?

Fast Company | February 10, 2014

Drought buster? How the sun is generating fresh water in the Central Valley

ABC | January 29, 2014

Is solar-powered desalination answer to water independence for California?

The Guardian | January 28, 2014

WaterFX and SkyFuel outperform current CSP desalination systems

CSP World | January 24, 2014

WaterFX Sees Solar Desalination As One Way To Address The World’s Water Problem

Forbes | January 7, 2014

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