About Aqua4™ Technology:

Aqua4™ is an “engineered aquifer” for reliably producing freshwater when and where it’s needed. At its core, Aqua4™ is a Concentrated Solar Still (CSS), a proven technology for optimizing freshwater production from any source of treatable water. The system uses solar thermal energy to evaporate and distill water at 30 times the efficiency of natural evaporation. Unlike simple stills, the Aqua4™ CSS uses advanced absorption technology to dramatically increase production. A single Aqua4™ module generates 65,000 gallons of freshwater per day – 70 acre-feet per year – from wastewater, drainage water, runoff, saline groundwater and industrial process water. The remaining brine is concentrated into solid byproducts for resale.

Main Components:

  • A 400 KW solar thermal trough is used to maximize the collection of solar energy used to generate heat.
  • A heat transfer fluid containing mineral oil carries heat to the heat pump that optimizes efficiency.
  • The heat is fed to a multi-effect distillation system that evaporates freshwater from the source water being treated and can handle varying quality up to 100,000 ppm TDS.
  • Condensate is recovered providing the highest quality purified water.
  • Thermal storage is used to capture excess heat for operation during times when there is no available solar energy, allowing the system to operate consistently 24/7.
  • Automation and  remote monitoring equipment enable low operating costs.
  • The system needs approximately 160 x 40 feet (6,500 ft2) of level installation space per module.


  • Low/no fuel consumption – solar thermal energy is the primary energy source, limiting or eliminating the use of electricity and fuel.
  • Modular and movable – the equipment is delivered in modules and mounted on skids so installation is easy and equipment can be moved depending on water treatment needs.
  • Aqua4™ treats a wide range of water sources – evaporation is an extremely robust treatment process that separates freshwater from almost any source. It is a reliable way to ensure that no matter what kind of water chemistry, the water that’s produced will be pure H2O.
  • Compact footprint – advanced technology ensures that land requirements are minimized. The system can be situated almost anywhere and does not require compromising valuable land.
  • Available leasing – the system incorporates proven, process guaranteed components and can be leased to minimize up front cost.