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The HydroRevolution project is partially financed through a California public offering. The capital raising campaign, also known as a Direct Public Offering (DPO), is open to California residents. Read more about our offering below. We’ve also included some FAQs to help you.

Invest in California’s Water Future

  • Through the HydroRevolutionSM preferred stock offering you can generate a fixed annual return, in addition to appreciation of the stock, by investing in the first solar desalination plant in California.
  • Below is a comparison of the yields from different securities that provide an annual dividend.
  • Investment is only open to California Residents meeting suitability requirements.


HydroRevolution Preferred Stock with 6% dividend. Solar Bonds Solar Bonds with a 5.00% coupon and a 10 year maturity solarbonds.solarcity.com. High Yield CDs and High Yield Savings available from ratebrain.com on August 27, 2015 for 10 year maturity. Municipal Bonds bond yield for A-rated bond with 10 year maturity available from fmsbonds.com on August 27, 2015; yield is represented as Tax-Equivalent assuming a 28% Federal Income tax rate. This does not reflect the effects of any state or local taxes, which, if applicable, may increase the taxable equivalent yield. For questions about calculating your individual rate, see your tax advisor. Treasury Notes 10 year notes issued or to be issued by the U.S. Department in August 17, 2015. The information presented herein does not consider your particular investment objectives, tax status or financial situation and does not make personalized recommendations. Consult with your attorney, accountant and/or business advisor for a personalized assessment.

Investment Summary

Accredited Non-Accredited
CA Resident CA Resident
Minimum Individual
Investment Amount
1000 shares ($5,000) 400 shares ($2,000)
Dividend Terms Cumulative dividends at the annual rate of 6%, prior and in preference to the payment of any dividend on the common stock
Voting Rights The Preferred Stock is non-voting

DISCLAIMER: These securities are offered only to California residents who meet certain suitability standards and other requirements pursuant to the Department of Business Oversight permit #3499. THE COMMISSIONER OF THE DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS OVERSIGHT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA DOES NOT RECOMMEND OR ENDORSE THE PURCHASE OF THESE SECURITIES.

This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy any securities. Offers are made only by prospectus or other offering materials. To obtain further information, you must verify your state of residency and, in order to subscribe, you must verify that you meet the suitability standards required by law.


What is a DPO?
A Direct Public Offering (DPO) is a term that refers to a public offering of securities by a
business or nonprofit to both accredited and non-accredited investors in one or more states.
Using a DPO (also known as investment crowdfunding), a business or nonprofit can market
and advertise its offering publicly by any means it chooses — through advertising in
newspapers and magazines; at public events and private meetings; and on the internet and
through social media channels.

Who is this DPO registered with?
California Department of Business Oversight.


Who is offering this DPO?
WaterFX Hydro I, Inc., a California Corporation incorporated in 2015 to own WaterFX’s
flagship project and subsidiary, collectively referred to as “HydroRevolutionSM

Who is eligible to invest?
California residents who meet certain suitability standards and other requirements pursuant
to the California Department of Business Oversight.

How do I invest?
Access the full offering materials and investment portal at: dpo.waterfx.co

Can I contact someone to learn more?
Yes, Aaron Mandell, Chairman, at ir@hydrorevolution.co



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Offer Details
Up to 2,000,000 shares of Series A Preferred Stock through registration by permit in California, also known as Direct Public Offering or DPO

Cost per share

The offering will be open for a period of one year

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