Who needs sustainable desalination? We have El Niño!

Recent news sources and weather reports have warned California residents that the coming El Niño will be the most severe on record since the El Niño of 1997-98. Many of these reports have inspired relief in Californians, with the hope that heavy rainfall across the state this winter will restore California’s water reserves to their […]

Moving Beyond Water Scarcity in California

Solar desalination technology provides a way to remove salt from agricultural drainage water to create a new source of freshwater. Climate change and new environmental policies regarding water usage have forced many Californians to start making difficult choices: Should we invest in more efficient water-saving devices or risk paying a fine for under-conserving? Drill a […]

An Inside Look at the Aqua4 Technology that Will Power HydroRevolution: Q and A with Dr. Matthew Stuber

This month we sat down with Dr. Matthew Stuber, co-founder of WaterFX and HydroRevolution and Head of Process Systems Engineering to tell us more about how solar thermal desalination technology actually works. The new HydroRevolution plant will utilize the Aqua4 technology developed by WaterFX and their partners, ATSI engineering, to create a green solution to […]